I play fiddle. Lately I’ve been drawn to the sounds of a Norwegian folk instrument called the Hardangfiddle, or Hardingfele. I spent a while cross-tuning my violin in an attempt to mimic the sounds of this odd and lovely instrument before deciding I needed to have one. They’re not so easy to come by in Vancouver, BC, so I made plans to convert an old beater fiddle into something that sounds like a Hardanger. Simple. Right up until the point where I chop its head off.

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One Response to “Why?”

  1. jeroen hoogeveen said

    Hi Elise,
    I was amazed tot see your hardanger conversion!
    How nice you put everything on the web, i couldn’t find anyone who did this.
    Myself I play irish fiddle and did such a convertion a few years ago because I was very inspired by an irish fiddleplayer Caomhin O’Raghallaigh who playes with an hardanger fiddle.
    So i wanted that sound and I did the same project as you and designed a tuningsystem with small metal pins. If youre interested I can send you some photo’s or info.
    And great music you make!



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