2 May 2009

This next mod is purely aesthetic. I’ve wanted a blonde fiddle for some time, and was not at all atttached to the garish orange my fiddle came with, so I got a tub of varnish stripper and set to (after giggling for a bit over the fact that it was called “super strippa”). When the first coat began to bubble and peel I was a bit stunned – I hadn’t expected it to, y’know, actually work. It looked like a high-speed video of fungus growing.

bubbling, mottled

It took four applications and lots of vigorous scraping to clear the back. I’m leaving the front and sides for another time, I’m a little worried about melting the joint glue with the stripper and I’m going to approach the edges with more care.


Some quality time with a few levels of sandpaper and I got it here…


The purfling (double stripe of inlay around the edge of a violin) was just painted on so it came off with the varnish. I’d like to have purfling on my fiddle but painting it back on seems pretty cheesy, I’m wondering about inlaying silver wire… that’s a ways off, though.


3 Responses to “Stripping”

  1. Nathan said

    Wow, that looks really good without the finish.

  2. Yeah, I’m excited! I’m just going to use a clear finish on it.

  3. Prairie said

    Hubba hubba! looks so good, like a real quality instrument 😉 Can’t wait to see the next bits…

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